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Dear God, the honor it is to be welcomed into fellowship with The Almighty, The Omnipotent and omnipresent creator who’s word quite literally manifested the entire….everything, we as humans behold. How then Your word became flesh and He who I will love and strive for till my last breath and beyond. I stand in Awe… Father in heaven, to be in your presence when in prayer and meditation is monumental and forgive me for every moment that I have treated this communion as mundane or something I’ve taken for granted. This morning The mighty Holy Spirit revealed a notion that really sunk into my thought. This idea that these earthly moments of meditation and prayer are not only moments of spiritual conference where I am blessed beyond reason to bow at your feet, but they may be in fact the most personal conversations that as an adopted son of God, I will ever get. And how amazing it is to be just us. On either side of life and death I yearn for that one on one time with my God. The precious connection and deep relation may never be quite as close as it is on earth, in faith. Heaven will maintain tremendous and well deserved worship for you who is worthy and righteous, therefore close and personal may no longer be. So Lord, I ask that you spark in the body and in the bride of Christ, true gratitude for every moment of petition and prayer and solo worship and may the desire to be in your presence be like an addiction that needs constant attention. Lord may our lives reflect such loving and humbled joy, to have personal time with He who Is. He is the great I AM and as long as I live I shall honor and praise you Lord, In Jesus Christ omnipotent name I pray. Thank you Lord, Thank you Father. Thank You all Mighty God. Amen